* Something is approaching from within the darkness...


a picrew of my persona

hello there! thanks for checking out my carrd! i hope you enjoy your time here and on my blog!


Body AgeAdult
SexualityAro Bi
OtherChronically Ill + Disabled



before you follow:

* my dreaded shipcourse opinions can be found here
* i am anti-harassment and anti-bullying in any and all situations
* i am pro-endo and anti-system exclusionists of any kind
* i am pro-microlabels, pro-neopronouns, and a radical inclusionist
* i am anti-transmed and anti-radfem
* i am very, very against irl predatory behavior and abuse
* if you disagree with anything listed here, i will probably block you
* i do not want to be dragged into any kind of discourse
* please use tone indicators for me
* i block very freely, often preemptively
* i can be attention-seeking sometimes
* i might not respond to asks or dms, or it might take a little while
* i may sometimes post problematic and dark content - here's how i tag it


how i tag:

* i tag any and all problematic/dark content as "#darkcon tw"
* i tag incest ships as "#shipcest tw"
* i tag age gap/minor x adult ships as "#age gap tw"
* i tag abusive/unhealthy shipping content as "#toxicity tw"
* i tag kodocon/underage content as "#kodo"
* i tag non-consensual shipping content as "#noncon tw"
* i tag dubiously consensual shipping content as "#dubcon tw"
* i also tag each individual ship i post, so if you have a specific one you don't like, you can block that tag
* tags such as "#abuse tw" are saved for posts discussing the real thing and not fiction


where to find me:

* sunsetisle - tumblr
* sunsetsoda - ao3
* sunsetisle - dreamwidth
* mutuals can ask for my discord!


ult fave:

* my biggest fave of all time is monoma neito from bnha
* yes i know i have terrible taste. i would die for him
* tag me in content of him and i will love you forever <3

other faves:

* kagamine rin (vocaloid)
* matsubara kanon (bandori)
* hanasato minori (project sekai)
* ouma kokichi (ndrv3)
* tsukimi shin (yttd)

minor faves:

* hatsume mei (bnha)
* midoriya izuku (bnha)
* todoroki fuyumi (bnha)
* aizawa shouta (bnha)
* fukukado emi (bnha)
* todoroki enji (bnha)
* iruma miu (dr)
* amami rantaro (dr)
* yumeno himiko (dr)
* chabashira tenko (dr)
* kurata mashiro (bandori)
* kitazawa hagumi (bandori)
* futaba tsukushi (bandori)
* udagawa tomoe (bandori)
* tenma tsukasa (puroseka)
* aoyagi touya (puroseka)
* momoi airi (puroseka)
* cream puff cookie (cr)
* squid ink cookie (cr)
* meiko (vocaloid)
* sayori (ddlc)
* i'm definitely forgetting some lmao


primary kins:

* shinsou hitoshi (bnha)
* kiritani haruka (puroseka)
* taro yamada (yansim)
* natsuki (ddlc)
* rei (pokemon)
* kirlia (pokemon)
* morpho butterfly
* ball-jointed doll

secondary kins:

* midoriya izuku (bnha)
* v4 flower (vocaloid)
* megurine luka (vocaloid)
* udagawa ako (bandori)
* shirogane tsumugi (ndrv3)
* naegi komaru (drae)
* gealach (oc)
* jazz (oc)
* espeon (pokemon)

tertiary kins:

* akita neru (fanloid)
* kiibo (ndrv3)
* naegi komaru (drae)
* yuuki asuna (sao)
* rarity (mlp: fim)
* cherry blossom cookie (cr)
* octoling (splatoon)
* worm on a string
* + one unmentionable (iykyk)

questioning kins:

* ia (vocaloid)
* gregory (fnaf: sb)
* saihara shuichi (ndrv3)
* pekoyama peko (sdr2)
* maizono sayaka (dr:thh)


* uzuki (azur lane)
* sabi (pla)
* + more tba

i'm mainly spiritual kin, but i use kin as a verb and the word "kinnie" to refer to myself pretty often. please don't mistake this as me not taking my kin identity seriously; it is an important part of me.i don't have an opinion on any kin discourse other than individuals should be able to define themselves in whatever way they choose, even if it makes no sense to you.


on shipcourse:

* i am anti-censorship of any media that does not do proven, quantifiable harm, such as fascist propaganda and pseudoscience - not weird fanfiction. even then, it should be available for historical archive purposes.
* i believe fiction affects reality, but its effect is not one-to-one. liking something in fiction does not mean you think it's okay in real life.
* survivors have every right to cope in a healthy way, even if you think it's gross - i personally ship problematic things to cope, but i don't care why other people do it.
* if you spend all your time policing what people write, draw, or otherwise create on the internet, please get a hobby. real kids are more important than words and pixels.
* the only responsibility creators have is to properly tag and warn for their content, or to post it privately for an audience that knows what to expect; it is the consumer's reponsibility to filter and block things they don't want to see.
* fandom is not made for kids and does not need to be sanitized for their sake. parents should monitor internet usage when their kids are young, and teach them how to avoid things they shouldn't see when they're older.
* you can call me a proshipper if you want, but it's not my preferred identifier. if you need a label along those lines to call me, use "pro-fiction" or "anti-anti".
* i interact with a lot of people who identify as proshippers and i usually block those with them in their dni so as not to break it on accident.


special interest:

* robin (batman/dc)
* boku no hero academia


* hermitcraft (scar, stress, grian, mumbo, pearl, occasionally others)
* pokemon (gen VII, legends arceus)
* psychiatry
* vocaloid*

other interests:

* speedruns (fnaf: sb, pkmn, botw, smo)
* danganronpa (v3 in particular)
* doki doki literature club
* the binding of isaac
* breath of the wild
* yandere simulator
* your turn to die
* hollow knight
* project sekai
* bang dream
* cookie run
* deltarune
* minecraft

* this is a permafixation. i've had it for years and i doubt it's going away any time soon. it's staying right here in this list.